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How the internet is being weaponised by the alt-right to restrict political discourse

  The manner in which the media establishment conducts political discourse has always been an underhand, cloak and dagger affair. The rise of the self-proclaimed “alt-right” has been followed by a toxic, bloated tsunami of self-proclaimed political commentators and journalists that make the mainstream media seem tame and unbiased in comparison. You’ve probably heard of

The Four Horsemen of Brexit

Theresa May has ascended to the Iron throne and the Conservative party, with their usual brutal efficiency, closed ranks around her the millisecond Leadsom resigned. It’s almost comical that the Tories embody ‘solidarity’ within their party far more than Labour at this time. Since her coronation, May has appointed her Four Horsemen of Brexit: Boris

Post Referendum Racism

Racism. Xenophobia. Bigotry. Chauvinism. Intolerance. Prejudice. These are not subjects that are often discussed apart from a quick, “Racism is mostly gone now,” followed by an almost desperate full stop. They make people feel uncomfortable, leaving a bitter taste in their mouth. I hope you will forgive me for having no sympathy for such feelings