Labour’s upcoming Leadership Election

So, much to the Conservative Party’s eternal happiness, the Labour Party will be stuck in a leadership election until late September. Despite already knowing the result, the right of the Labour party seems determined to eviscerate all hopes of electing a Labour Government. It has always puzzled me, the Blairite plan for the Labour Party is to move the party to the centre/centre-right to make it more “electable”. Outside the Blairite fantasy-land, the political reality is that the Liberal Democrats in the centre ground got decimated at the last general election, and any move to the centre-right competes with the Conservative Party, the most successful, efficient and morally bankrupt political party this country has ever seen. So it’s important that those who support Labour, from young students to old revolutionaries, engage with the upcoming Labour Leadership.

The ruling to exclude Labour Members and affiliated members who joined less than six months ago is absolutely disgusting and arguably illegal. Charging those excluded members and other labour supporters £25 is the complete opposite to what the Labour  Party stands for. Contrary to Angela Eagle’s opinion that it’s a “pretty good investment for the whole future of democracy”, it’s really a tax on democracy that will force some people to make a decision between buying food that week and voting for Corbyn. If you decide to pay the £25 you can sign up as a registered supporter from 5pm on Monday 18 July to 5pm on Wednesday 20 July.

Nominations for candidates have not closed yet, but so far only Angela Eagle and Owen Smith have announced a bid to challenge Corbyn. Owen Smith, the newest challenger to join the circus, is an ex-lobbyist for Pfizer, the Pharmaceutical corporation, he was also directly involved in Pfizer funding “Progress”, a Blairite faction within the Labour party that advocated the privatisation of the NHS. So despite Mr Smith’s attempts to position himself as a left-wing alternative to Corbyn, he’s clearly no more a socialist than Tony Blair.

The leadership election will be done through postal and electronic voting ballots using AV as the electoral system. Ballots will be sent out on the 22nd of August and must be returned by the 21st of September with the results being announced on 24th of September. For the full leadership election guidelines and timetable click on the link here.

Ultimately the Labour party will be making a choice, the repercussions of which will echo throughout the party’s future. Labour party members must decide if they want a progressive socialist Labour Party or a Blairite Labour Party. Make your decision wisely, some are not fortunate enough to make such an “investment” in the Labour Party’s future.

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