I started this website out of frustration towards mainstream politics because I feel that politics and political commentary has stagnated. I recognise now that we live in an age where new opportunities to radically change our society are opening up to us due to advances in technology and a deeper understanding of the world around us. Despite this, politics stands still, political parties cling to same out-dated theories, politicians re-hash the same arguments and the mainstream media runs the same stories with the same spin. It’s fairly clear to anyone who looks that our global political and economic system is broken. I won’t pretend that I personally have the answers, but we need to explore our options and widen the debate.

Firstly, as a journalist, I aim to give a voice to the dispossessed, not out of charity or pity, but because as a young person I am one of many who has been disenfranchised and excluded from politics.

My long term goal is to create a platform for new ideas and opportunities to improve our global society. I would like this to include not just myself and other writers, but a wide range of media that provides a platform for political art, film, and music.