The Parliamentary Labour Party are at war with the Labour Membership and Democracy

The Labour Party’s internal civil war has escalated with Tom Watson calling of “peace talks” and Angela Eagle announcing her bid to challenge Corbyn. This is almost an admission of defeat from the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) as they had hoped to avoid having a leadership election with Corbyn on the ballot, knowing full well he would win by an even bigger majority. With the Chilcot Report damning most Labour MPs and Tony Blair’s legacy, you would have thought they would have had the decency, or at least enough tortured sleepless nights, to call off the Coup. But the likes of Ben Bradshaw need to ensure Labour is unable to mount a proper offensive against the Conservative Party while it’s having its own leadership election/seizure, as that might result in some actual progressive change.

On Tuesday the National Executive Committee will decide whether Corbyn needs the support of 51 MPs and MEPs to get on the ballot or if he will be on the ballot by default as the current leader. Any attempt to keep Corbyn of the ballot would likely result in a split within the Labour party as for many he is the only reason they support and joined the Labour Party. Angela Eagle will formally announce her leadership bid on Monday as she apparently already has the support of 51 MPs.

Don’t let them fool you, Angela Eagle is no Jeremy Corbyn regardless of how many times the newspapers describe her as “soft left” or “pragmatic left”. She voted consistently for the Iraq War under Tony Blair, but what’s even worse is that she voted against an inquiry into the legitimacy of the Iraq War. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people died in the Iraq war and the Chilcot inquiry revealed what we already knew, the decision-making process to go to war was motivated by American corporate imperialism. Angela Eagle might not be as bad as the right of the Labour party, she may have voted against Conservative austerity. But that all becomes next to meaningless when faced with the fact that she actively tried to prevent an investigation into an illegitimate war. I don’t have a witty comment or sarcastic remark on this, it’s just fucking despicable. Meanwhile, Corbyn was campaigning against the war in Iraq. In fact, Corbyn has opposed almost every single military intervention from Libya to Syria, and he has consistently got it right demonstrating he has a good grasp of foreign policy. Labour members you can make up your own minds who to vote for, but for me, it would be an easy choice.

Supposedly Labour MPs oppose Corbyn because he doesn’t have the skills to be the leader, most political commentators are saying it’s because they are ideologically opposed to Corbyn’s left wing policies. In reality, this has very little to do with Corbyn, this is a civil war between the Labour membership and the PLP. Corbyn represents the democratic will of the Labour membership who, understandably, want a progressive socialist leader for their progressive socialist party. Corbyn represents anti-establishment politics to the Labour Membership, not just because of his left wing policies but because he’s a human being instead of a PR robot who talks in soundbites. The majority of the PLP, on the other hand, don’t actually want an engaged membership, they want an apathetic membership that ticks Labour every five years on their ballot paper and pays their membership fees, leaving the actual decision making to the “adults”. It’s paternalistic, it’s conservative, it’s undemocratic and its the opposite of what Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the Labour party stands for. They have complete contempt towards their membership and the idea that it is the membership that democratically decide on the future of the party, despite Tony Blair attempting to ‘streamline’ decision making.

The complete PLP’s disregard for democracy is indicative of a much larger problem within our global society. We saw it when the people of Greece elected a left-wing government and had a referendum that rejected the right wing policies that the European Banks attached to a loan, and yet the unelected European Bank ignored the democratic mandate and forced those policies down their throats. We see it, At every General Election, when First Past the Post gives a party the majority of the seats without a majority of the votes. The establishment doesn’t care about your democratic decisions and they will use every single possible tactic to ignore democratic decisions that are not in their favour. If Corbyn is deposed then the PLP has set a precedent in which the Labour party is no longer a democratically run party and the PLP will become the decision-making body, not the membership. If that happens, the Labour party in my eyes will no longer be a party in which we can achieve progressive change in this country and I could not justify voting for them.

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